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After many promises, multiple unfinished prototypes, and much pondering, it's finally online. The site, I mean.

Here, you'll find technical articles and posts related to things I'm working on, lessons I've learned, solutions I've found, and other thoughts I thought worth sharing. Feel free to browse, but I do ask that shenanigans be kept to a minimum…unless, of course, I'm allowed to be rambunctious as well. In that event, well, it's off to the races… (off to the races…)

See About the site for the rules (such as they are).

Things are a bit sparse at the moment, but that's because I'm still pulling things together.

For the near future, I'm keeping it simple. Eventually, I'll need to complicate things a bit, but hopefully not too much. I generally follow a light, bloggy style…except when I don't. When there's enough content to make it worthwhile, I'll separate formal articles from informal observations and add navigation shortcuts, search, and other traditional features.

Comments are not currently enabled, so you'll need to provide feedback one of the contact points on the about page. All well-intentioned feedback is appreciated.

If you find anything useful, feel free to share and enjoy (share and enjoy). Please give credit where credit is due. You may not pinch and poach. If something's useful, cite where you found it. If you feel I've not cited things correctly, let me know so I can take appropriate action.

Things are a bit of a mess at the moment, but the style will settle down and start telling you things you need to know. I hope.

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